I have loved and cared for dogs all my life.  I got my first dog when I was six years old and I have not been without at least one dog ever since.There has never been a time in my life when I have been "dogless"

I first started furkid sitting when I started breeding and raising golden retrievers in 1999.  When it came time for the puppies to go to their new home, my heart would be so sad...so on that note, I started asking folks to allow me to keep their furkids when they needed temporary care for vacations, business trips, etc.  To see the puppies that I had raised from birth come back as adults and see how wonderful they turned out,and witness the joy that these babies brought into the lives of the familes that had adopted them was and is truly rewarding.

As it were, several families already had a furkid when they adopted their puppy, so I started babysitting those dogs as well.  For several years, I kept only puppies I had raised and their "siblings".This gave me a lot of hands on experience in boarding dogs and what I had to do to take care of them and make them feel at home.

In 2006, my full time job of 27 years,  as an administrative medical assistent went away due to downsizing so I made a leap of faith into boarding furkids fulltime and the word got out.  All my familes came to my aid by referring all their family and friends with canines to me. I am truly blessed.  Such joy comes from getting to do something I love every day.

When your furkid(s) come to Slo Dea Kennel, we personally,will greet them and do whatever is necessary to make them feel welcome and comfortable.  Your furkid will stay in his/her own private room.We crate only when requested by you. Our kennel is heated and air conditioned.  I am here all the time.  I have monitors in the kennel and when I am up in the house, I can hear what is going on in the kennel. There are two acres around the kennel that are fenced and within that, I have two chain linked fenced yards. I have gone to great lengths for security.  You can rest assured that your furkid will be safe.

Everyone goes out at least four times a day. When the weather is nice, we will have extended outside time if your furkid enjoys being outdoors. At night, last turnout is 10:30-11:00.  They get a "cookie" (milkbone) on their bed for night night snack.

We believe that what we are doing is what we are called to do. Our mission is to have your furkid happy, comfortable, and have an enjoyable stay with us. When your furkids are with us "Go... have a great time!  You can miss em' but don't worry about em. We will take good care of them. WE Promise."      

Me and my puppy Smokey.  
Here I am with my dogs.  I was about 9 years
old.  Notice the smile on my face.
My first puppy... Smokey.  I
was six years old.