What do we need to bring for our furkids during their stay at 
Slo Dea?
You are welcome to bring anything that will make your furbabies feel more at home while they are with us.  We have everything they will need,   including beds, blankets, bowls, toys, nylabones and kongs.  
Please leave any sentimental items, family heirloom measuring cups, and special items at home.  While we try our best to return all items, there have been occasions where items are misplaced.  We have measuring cups and
are happy to measure out your furkid's food for you.

Do we bring food? 
Yes, we ask that you bring the food that they are currently eating.
We don't want any upset tummies! 
We do have house food that is for sensitive stomachs.  Also, please
alert us to any allergies that your furkid has.  This is important for us to know.

What happens if my furkid gets sick while he is at Slo Dea?
We strive to make sure that your furkid remains healthy and in good condition while he is with us.  We observe eating habits and outdoor time.  
If your furkid is just off his game, we will text you and let you know. If 
it is an emergency, we will take him to Countryside Veterinary Services as
we have a long standing relationship with Dr. Monica Webb. Then we will immediately get in touch with you.  

Can I pick up or drop off my furkids on holidays?
No.  We are closed on New Years Day, Memorial Day,
4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day.
Christmas Eve. Our hours for Christmas Eve are 10:30am-12:30pm (2 hours)

Why is the address not on the website?
This is our home. This is where we live our lives and care for furkids.
Security and safety are of utmost importance to us.
Our business is based on referrals. You know someone who knows us
and we know someone who knows you.  Once you are established as our client, we have no problem giving you our address.  

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept your personal check and cash.  We are not currently
set up to take debit or credit cards.
Payment is expected when you pick your furkid up.  We want 
you to see for yourself that your furkid is happy and has been well 
taken care of.

Can I check on my furkids during their stay with you?
Yes.  We prefer texting over phone calls.   We ask that you
limit your check ins to once per day though.  Please rest
assured that if there is ANYTHING not right with your furkid,
YOU will be notified immediately!