To say that I love the Caribbean is an understatement.  So when it came time to 
put the finishing touches on the kennel, I wanted to bring the Caribbean to Tennessee.  Island life is laid back and easy going and this is the atmosphere I want our dogs to be in.  Calm, peaceful, no hurries or worries.  

The kennel has spacious rooms, some with windows.  Each room is furnished to give a
homey feel so that your furkid will feel
at home away from home. 

My number one goal is for your furkid(s) to 
enjoy their time here with me.     

This page was last updated: February 15, 2018
Front Entrance
Front Hallway from greeting room
Steps to upstairs
Greeting area
Large spacious room
     Why the name          "SloDea"?
It is the first 3 letters of my married name and the first 3 letters of my maiden name. My dad, Tommy Deal,  and my husband, Nick, are the reason I have the kennel. 
Also, who doesn't dream of
long slow days on a Caribbean island enjoying life and the moment?
Art and Murals by  Kathy Thacker  
 Large Outside Runs